Big Components Turners

Turning of big, heavy components

Big components turners are used in different industries for turning of very big and / or heavy components.

Very often for doing this job these turners are integrated into flow production lines.
The big component, which during assembly process will have to be turned at a certain point of time, will be driven into the turner on top of an industrial truck. This can be done by a flatbed truck which will enter into the turner from the supply side.   

The turner then will lift the big component up from the supplying industrial truck and will lift it up to a defined height, needed for process of turning.
Then it will turn the big component and afterwards it will lay down the big component onto the collecting truck, which meanwhile did enter into the turning station. Now the big component can be driven out of the turner, directly to the next assembly station.
Upon request it is possible to lock the big component at different turning positions to allow trained employees to work at the big component during the time when it is in the turner.
After end of the assembly work within the turner the turning process will be completed and the big component will be transported to the next assembly station.

Very common applications for "Big Components Turners":

• Turning of the big components by 90° or any other ° and saving the big component at its position until the assembly work will be finished. 
• Turning of the big components by 180° after assembly work will be finished
  at one side for starting assembly work at the opposite side. 
• After finalisation of the assembly process turning of the big component into
  transport position and positioning it onto the transport device.
• Use as assembly station for big components with manoeuvring function for heavy

Loading / Offloading of the turner can be done by:

• an existing Overhead crane einen vorhandenen Hallenkran
• picking the big components up from / laying them down onto industrial trucks by
  the turner itself.

Big components to be turned do exist at assembly areas of a lot of industries, for example:

• at production of wind energy systems
• at production of construction vehicles
• at production of components for mining equipment

Big Components to be turned can be:

• Frames which need to be assembled with parts from upper and lower side.
• Drive shafts of wind energy systems
• Hubs of wind energy systems
• Big, heavy single parts to be fitted together for forming an assembly group
• Big bearings

Starting from standardized base constructions at suitable sizes and load capacities turners always are designed to customers request. This design always refers to the geometry / dimensions of the big components / big parts to be turned. 

We offer turners for big and heavy components up to 50 tons of weight and more.

You are looking for a solution to turn heavy and "unhandily" components safely and reliable? Let us talk about it. We will be prepared to check your request and to provide you with a suitable budgetary offer.

We will be at your disposal at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us:  

Phone:  +49 2156 419193
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