Die Splitters for Press Dies

Safety for your Press Die Maintenance

For maintenance / service / checking / repair of press dies Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH offers to their customers a complete program of press die splitters, at all sizes and specially designed to meet the individual requests of our customers.

Our Press Die Splitters are available in 1-column-design as well as in 2-columns-design.
They splitt the press die vertically, lift the upper die part hydraulically and turn it by up to 180° at the upper position. After that the upper press die part will be lowered again and will be placed directly at the side of the lower die part, which in the meantime had been moved sidewards (forward / backward or right / left, depending on the type of die splitter. 
Now the upper and lower die part are lying side by side, their inner sides looking to the top, ready for execution of the maintenance work. 

As standard versions the press die splitters are available

•as 1-column-version for press die weights up to max 5 tons

•als 2-columns-versions for total die weights of up to 60 tons,
whereby the total range of load capacity is divided into several series, up to 5 tons, up to 10 tons, up to 20 tons, up to 30 tons, up to 40 tons, up to 60 tons.

The 1-column-versions have a sidewise up to 180° turnable adaptor plate, to which the upper part of the press die will be clamped like at a press ram. The lower part of the press die is standing on a die table with a parking position at the side, to which the lower part of the press die can be moved. Before moving the lower press die part will be lifted by pneumatically operated die lifters with rolls and later at the parking position it will be lowered again and will stand there fix. Reassembling of the press die works reverse order.    

Die splitters in 1-column-design for press dies upon customers request also can be done for bigger die weights.   

The 2-columns-versions do have a connecting traverse between the two columns of the die splitter, at which the upper die part can be clamped like at a press ram.
Both columns do lift parallelly and do lift the traverse including the upper press die part up to the top position, then turn the traverse by 180°. After that the traverse will be lowered again and the upper part of the press die will be placed in front of or behind of the lower part of the press die, which in the meantime had been moved forward or backward.
Inside of each of the two columns of the press die splitter there is a lifting unit and a turning unit, which alone can carry the full load of the upper press die part. Thereby the press die splitter is working with double safety.

At the bottom area of the die splitter, between the two columns, usually exists a construction of beams for carrying the press die, onto which the press die is placed either by die change cart, forklift truck or overhead crane.

This construction of beams can be different from die splitter to die splitter. Depending on available space and / or preferences of the customer, this construction can be existing only in front of the die splitter, or in front of and behind the die splitter. These are the areas, into which also the lower part of the press die will be moved, before the turned upper part of the press die will be placed by the die splitter centrally onto the die carrying beams construction.
The beams of this die carrying construction can be positioned fix, without any possibility of sidewise movement. It also can have carrying beams which can be moved sidewise. The die carrying beams usually are equipped with pneumatically operated die lifters with rolls. In special cases these die lifters with rolls may be operated hydraulically.       

Press dies up to 5 tons usually still can be moved manually. For press dies bigger than 5 tons we recommend to use our Mark II - Die Drive System, which moves the press dies forward / backward  upon pushing a button. This is done by toothed rack and pinion, which are pressed against the bottom of the press die and which carry the press die when they are moved forward or backward. This system does not need any die hooks at the dies.  

The die splitters for press dies, after having splitted the die, also can turn the upper die parts by less than 180°. They can, for example, turn the upper die part by 90° and lock the upper die part at this position. By this way it also is possible to do maintenance at the upper die part hanging in the press die splitter.  

The photos on this page can give to you an impression about the big number of different versions of press die splitters already built.

Die splitters always are made customer-specific, as nearly every single company and nearly every single press die do have deviating requests to a press die splitter.  

You are looking for a solution for turning / splitting / maintaining of your press dies? Please contact us. We will be happy to elaborate a suitable solution for you.

Please contact us by phone or email.

Tel.: 0049 2156 419193
Fax: 0049 2156 4979325
eMail: info@seidel-handlingsysteme.de


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